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Rudolph Enesco 2002 Figures Set of 10- SOLD OUT

Rudolph 4" Figures (Statue Quality Cold Cast) by Enesco, 2002 Series IV. This set of figurines feature some new characters and more interlocking bases to create mini-scenes from the famous Rankin / Bass film.

The set includes:

A. Rudolph & Yukon Floating on Ice Block, "Do-It-Yourself Icebergs"

B. Bumble Sinking in Water, "A Bumble's One Weakness" (Figures A & B interlock to form a scene.)

C. Foreman Elf, "Why Weren't You At Elf Practice?"

D. Hermey w/ Book and Doll, "Just Fixing These Doll's Teeth" (Figures C & D interlock to form a scene.)

E. Rudolph w/ Comet, "No More Reideer Games!"

F. Boy Elf w/ Gifts, "We Always Fill Santa's Bag!"

G. Tall Elf w/ Santa's Bag, "We Are Santa's Elves"

H. Girl Elf w/ Gifts, "We Have A Special Job Each Year!" (Figures F, G & H interlock to form a scene.)

I. Misfit Toys At Campfire, "Rescued From The Island Of Misfit Toys"

J. Rudolph w/ Donner In Bumble's Footprint, "Fun In A Bumble Print".

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