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Buffy Anyanka's Amulet Prop Replica- SOLD OUT

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Dubbed "the Patron Saint of scorned women", Anyanka made her debut appearance in the Season 3 episode entitled, “The Wish.” When Cordelia wishes that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale, Anyanka grants her wish by transporting Cordy to an alternate “history” in which there is no Slayer, and vampires rule the town.

In the end, it is cunning Watcher Giles who realizes that Anyanka has altered reality, and that her ability to grant wishes lies within her “power center” – the emerald green amulet that she wears around her neck. Giles conjures the demon and smashes the amulet, thus restoring Sunnydale to its original “history” and leaving Anyanka – now called Anya – as an ordinary woman with no powers.

Factory X presents a dazzlingly accurate replica of the beautiful emerald “power center,” with the new Anyanka’s Amulet prop replica. Based on the necklace and pendant from “The Wish,” this beautiful prop replica features attention to every last detail – from the highly-polished simulated emerald, to the 18-inch gold plated chain.

boxed by Genki Wear, 2006.


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